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Kendal and Kaitlyn  are day managers with several years experience in the Pet Care Industry. They enjoy their relationships built with clients and the dogs who come to stay with us!

Denesha is ‚Äča Client Services Representative and Pet Care Specialist with us. Her bubbly personality and genuine care for the dogs makes our guests feel welcome! Denesha is also an assistant vet technician.

Alva Page is a grooming apprentice, focusing on Miniature Schnauzers and wire coated breeds. He works closely with Lisa to provide breed specific trims of the wire coated breeds. He is also a show assistant for AKC dog shows, providing meticulous physical and mental care of show dogs.

Pei ti is an all breed groomer with a decade of experience. She is proficient in clippered and scissored coats as well as maintaining hand stripped coats and profuse double coated breeds!

Come on in to meet our staff members Kendal, Marisa, Kaitlyn, Sarah and Thomas! They are here to meet you and your pet's needs!